Our group, led by Dr. Oliver Sonnentag, is based at the Université de Montréal in the Département de géographie. Using a range of approaches from various disciplines including biometeorology, hydrology, ecology and remote sensing, we aim to provide better process-based understanding of how boreal forest, peatland and tundra ecosystems under the influence of rapidly changing permafrost conditions function as an integral part of the climate system. Our regional focus is the Taiga Plains ecoclimatic region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. Given the physical and socio-economic complexity and logistical challenges involved in northern research, our research group is part of the interdisciplinary Taiga Plains Research Network (http://taigaplains.ca/) that brings together several Canadian scientists in biometeorology, northern hydrology, hydrogeology, ecology and remote sensing for the purpose of sharing expertise, data, instrumentation, infrastructure and logistical costs.

Photo: Manuel Helbig